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Headshot Photo of Brendan Walsh. A life long New York resident. Works as a NYC 911 Paramedic in Queens and Brooklyn NY. Attended New York University in Manhattan and SUNY Downstate in Brooklyn. Holds a MPH degree in public health and epidemiology.

Brendan Walsh is a NYC paramedic who has spent the past years on the streets of Brooklyn and Queens. His work in one of the nation’s busiest EMS systems has not only given him invaluable clinical experience but has also exposed him to the pressing public health issues faced by disadvantaged communities. With an MPH in Epidemiology from SUNY Downstate, Brendan hopes to combine his academic background with his practical experience to advocate for improved healthcare access and outcomes in underserved areas, making a meaningful impact on public health.


Photo of NYC Paramedic Brendan Walsh in the operating room conducting training. Brendan Walsh is a paramedic skilled in advanced procedures, such as intubation, surgical airways, needle decompressions.

Brendan began his academic career at New York University, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in History, with a minor in Chemistry. Following his undergraduate studies, he pursued an intensive paramedic program at Laguardia Community College, featuring clinical rotations in the emergency room at Lincoln Hospital in the South Bronx. Driven by a passion for public health, Brendan continued his educational pursuits, achieving a Master’s in Public Health with a specialized focus in Epidemiology at SUNY Downstate University of Health Sciences in Brooklyn.


Photo of Jamaica Hospital Paramedic Brendan Walsh and Frank at structure fire in Queens in November 2022. New York City Paramedics are standing by to provide medical assistance in the event that any persons or firefighters are injured.

Brendan began his career as a paramedic at Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn and Empress EMS in Yonkers, NY before joining Jamaica Hospital in Queen. With experience in high-call volume systems and diverse patient populations, he has honed strong pre-hospital clinical skills and has been recognized for successfully treating critically ill and injured patients.